Monday, September 29, 2014

Color and Geometry at Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson, AZ

Kicking off the fall season in their beautiful new space,  Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson is showing their first group exhibition of the season in the main gallery, called "Relative Geometries." This show runs through October 25th and features  the work of Annell Livingston, Robert Moya, Joanne Mattera and me, Nancy Natale.

"On Broadway," 2013, 14" x 14", mixed media with encaustic on panel
One of my works in "Rlative Geometries"

Along with this group exhibition, Joanne Mattera will also have a solo show in the project space called "Chromatic Reasoning."

Joanne Mattera, "Chromatic Geometry 21," 2014, 12" x 12", encaustic on panel

Miles Conrad has selected nine works from my small Running Stitch series. They are each 14" x 14" x 1.5", composed of various found and manipulated materials such as books, album covers, paintings, treated metal, advertising and other paper ephemera. I cut these materials into strips, lay out a horizontal arrangement and attach them to panels with lots of tacks. Many of the elements have had encaustic painted over them before they are cut up, and once everything is fully tacked in place, I apply another coat of encaustic in the valleys between elements.

The selection in the studio

Oh, that dreaded finishing, including painting of edges and wiring

Here are the press release images for "Chromatic Reasoning" and "Relative Geometries." You can see the real thing here and find links that actually work.

Here are a few more of my pieces in the show.

"Lotsa Pulp'," 2013,  14" x 14", mixed media with encaustic on panel

"World Around Us," 2013,  14" x 14", mixed media with encaustic on panel

"Guest Star," 2014,  14" x 14", mixed media with encaustic on panel

I hope you will visit Conrad Wilde Gallery if you are in the Tucson area to check out the space and these two very colorful shows. Joanne Mattera is attending the opening and I'm looking forward to seeing her photos of the installation and the reception.

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